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 It is removable and levels the base of your ladder for your safety. It will go
on either ladder leg by attaching to the left or right side rails. Adjustable with
a positive locking pin, these ladder levelers can be mounted on your ladder
or removed very quickly. A simple ladder leveler safety device which slides
onto either leg of the ladder. Secured to the ladder by sliding it up and
around the two bottom rungs of the ladder and straddling the side rail. The
two wing bolts (provided) are placed 2 outside left or 2 outside right and then
hand tightened. When you get the ladder in the desired position insert the
locking pins so your ladder sits stable and the ladder rungs are level. The
Stabiladder ladder leveler clears the pivoting ladder foot and no tools are
required for installation. Stabiladder ladder levelers adjust in 1" increments
up to 15" using an adjustable leg. It is made of extruded aluminum and the
foot of the ladder leveler can be rotated 90 deg. in either direction for more
stability. For level ladder safety on uneven surfaces use a Stabiladder ladder
leveler. Ladder leveling made easy with Stabiladder ladder levelers.
Made in
U.S.A. OSHA approved. Meets ETL testing standards. U.S. Patent# 5,174,412.
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Stabiladder is a rugged heavy
duty adjustable ladder leveler.
For level ladder safety on
uneven surfaces. Ladder
leveler safety devices are
used on extension ladders
when working on slopes,
pitched roofs, and stairs.           
Made in the U.S.A.  
Stabiladder can be adjusted out to 15 inches and the foot can be rotated 90 deg. to provide more stability. Can be removed
from or installed to either side rail in a matter of seconds. Meets ETL testing standards and is heavy.
US patent #: 5,174,412 Read all
instructions and warning labels
before using ladders and adjustable
ladder levelers. Stabiladder ladder
leveler will work for you and last you a
StabliLadder ladder levelers are designed to provide safety when using a ladder on uneven surfaces. Heavy duty,
adjustable ladder levelers, ladder accessories.
Made of heavy gauge aluminum - WILL
!  Patented,tested to 500#
loads and removable ladder leveler.
Stabiladder is a registered trademark of
Stabiladder  Inc. -
Model 1: Ladder leveler meets ETL testing standards. Designed for use on
construction, industrial and home extension ladders so they can be used on uneven
surfaces. They can be mounted on either ladder leg without modifying your ladder and can be
removed in seconds. They were tested to 500# loads and exceeded all tests they were
subjected to.
Price: $189.00 each or order 1x2  option and get 2 Stabiladder units in one
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15% restocking fee on
returned items.
All returned items must be unused.
Stabiladder Inc.- Ladder levelers which are the original removable adjustable
ladder levelers.  Our ladder leveler is so easy to mount to the left or right side of
your ladder that anyone can do it. You don't have to remove the foot from the
ladder or drill holes in the side rails and bolt the ladder leveler to the ladder. Our
ladder levelers are held in place by design. You only have to hand tighten 2 wing
bolts to the outside of the ladder leveler. The ladder levelers are threaded on both
sides, to hold the ladder leveler in place when you pick up the ladder and move it.
Place the ladder where you want and insert the locking pins for the desired length
of the adjustable leg. Also placing the wing bolts to the outside of the ladder
leveler will prevent you from catching your pant leg on them. Our ladder levelers
are made of rust proof extruded aluminum with a positive locking steel pin through
the adjusting leg.  When you don't need a ladder leveler our ladder levelers can be
removed quickly and stored away allowing you to use your ladder normally,
without the extra weight of a ladder leveler or a pair of ladder levelers that are
permanently attached to your ladder and always being exposed to the weather and
dirt and dust of working conditions.
Stabiladder Inc.  Marathon, N.Y. 13803 Made in
the U.S.A.
Stabiladder ships it's ladder levelers by UPS from Marathon N.Y. 13803. By
ground or air in the U.S. , to Canada and world wide. UPS will only ship the ladder
levelers to a street address and not to a P.O. box address. Orders can be made
on the SERVICES page. Questions? Go to the CONTACTUS page.
Stabiladder Inc.  Ladder leveler safety devices.
Removable heavy duty ladder levelers that mount
quickly on either ladder leg. Made in the U.S.A.
Marathon, N.Y. 13803    
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Stabiladder Inc. ladder levelers are super heavy
duty, extruded aluminium, positive locking units.

Sale priced at $189.00 . 1x2 for $365.00 a 2 pack.